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Skyward Sword Plot Reviews

2012-01-17 17:55:10 by MegaJamesStudios

I've read most of the reviews thus far, and I wanna thank all of you who responded weather you liked it or hated it. If you hated it because you didn't think it was funny, I had my friend help me write it because he knows more about TLoZ than I do... tI guess I made a mistake by doing that. Besides that, we all have different senses of humor, this just wasn't yours (for the record, that "texting" joke was from the other writer, so I'll make a note never to hire him again). If you hated it because the animation was bad, two words: South Park. If you hated it because of the voice acting... I'll give you that :/


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2012-01-21 23:10:22

To be honest, I found all of it to be great. The voice acting was good, the animation was awesome, the comedy was funny. The best thing for you to do is publish what you think is good to you. If you find it funny, publish it! Don't let the views of other stop you from doing what you enjoy doing. Keep it up. ^^

MegaJamesStudios responds:

The thing is, it was a project that me and my friend were both just anxious to get out there, so we didn't put that much effort into the writing, and I don't want that to happen again.


2012-01-24 15:57:01

Why'd it get deleted?


2012-01-24 20:50:46

....hahahahahaahahahahahahahahhahahah hhahahahahahahahah......hhaahahahahah ahahah


2012-01-24 20:51:49

Thank goodness.


2012-01-29 00:35:24

Lol I feel that it's a bit irrational to straight up delete it. You put a lot of work into it animation wise and even if you didn't like how he wrote that sort of just owned him. I know a lot of people that enjoyed the movie and you shouldn't have undermined all that work that was put in because you didn't like some aspects of it.

Though that is my unprovoked opinion and you're at an extreme liberty to just disregard it considering you DID make the movie. But hey.

I think one of the reasons you might have felt the jokes to be as lame as they were was because you animated to them, and lip syncd to them, and would have listened to them over and over. If that is the case, try not to be so negative about you're own work, because the people watching are likely to watch it 1-2 times.
Anyway, none of my bees wax anyway. Looking forward to see future work from you.

MegaJamesStudios responds:

There's nothing wrong with deleting something you just don't like. If it's mine, I have the right to delete it regardless of how many people liked it. Besides, I'm 70% done with a Mass Effect 3 Parody that'll actually be funny, because I'm the only one who will be writing it.


2012-02-01 23:33:25

Haters gonna hate bro'
I'd avise against deleting any more animations because some people don't like it.

MegaJamesStudios responds:

I didn't delete it because others didn't like it, because more people seemed to like it. I deleted it because I personally wasn't proud of it.


2012-04-08 10:36:19

I wish i saw this Plot Animation. Zelda Games are pretty awesome, and i would of Liked to see another plot episode of a game i knew. But it must of been taken off for a reason, so i'll wait for the next vid :P


2012-07-05 21:55:24

Facebook is for losers and so is MLP.


2013-06-29 11:54:03

I wonder if you'll ever come back.