Entry #1

My first newgrounds "award"

2011-07-23 03:01:41 by MegaJamesStudios

My latest cartoon "Black Men Can't Jump" Just placed 2nd in Today's Best here on newgrounds! don't believe me? Just look at the bottom right corner of the screen... unless a day has passed and it's no longe rthere.... in which case... fuck. Oh well. It's still a great feeling to know that I made something people really enjoy. So thank you for the support.


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2011-07-23 04:11:23

well congrats mate, bet you're feeling pretty giddy right now.


2011-07-23 11:06:17

There is a log of past "Today's Best", people could still find proof it was there.

Anyways, sent your thing, hope you enjoy it!

Also, congrats on the achievement, you should continue with stuff like that.


2011-07-23 12:30:06

so why did you close you're account on youtube?

MegaJamesStudios responds:

wanted to start over.


2011-07-24 05:14:55

well it's better for you in newgrounds you get more views and this place is for animations not babies that bite their brother's finger


2011-07-30 07:37:04

Congrats! i found it in the flash portal and loved it! i also checked out your other animations and i can't wait for more! :D


2011-08-02 20:07:19